University Abroad Talk

Freaking out about applying to university? Thinking about applying abroad? Don’t fret! This post marks the first of many about applying to universities abroad. 

Your mind is probably filled with hundreds of questions and anxieties, but don’t worry, because there are literally thousands of people going through the same thing. Applying to university can be stressful, but applying abroad can make you even more anxious. More often than not, academic advisors in your school will be specialized in helping you apply to universities in your own country. While I’m no expert on the world’s different application systems, I can definitely help you de-stress during your application period. Having just gone through the British application systems, UCAS and CUKAS as a Canadian student, I can vouch that applying abroad can be scary, but it’s well worth it. 

To give you a preview of the questions I’ll be answering, you can look forward to posts on: 

  • Application Timelines
  • Applying through UCAS and CUKAS
  • Applying to Film Schools
  • Writing your Letter of Intent
  • Financing and Scholarships
  • Tips for Staying Focused and Balanced

I will be posting weekly, answering the different questions and concerns I had and if you have any feel free to comment! That’s why I’m here! 


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